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ProStar’s Professional Refrigerator Repair Services in Irvine, CA

Have you recently noticed that your refrigerator isn't cooling properly? Get it fixed before your food goes bad! It's understandable to get nervous about a refrigerator that isn't cooling properly, especially if you had just come from the grocery for the week's food run. But if you call us at ProStar Appliance Service for our refrigerator repair services in Irvine, CA, you don't need to worry too much because we will get your unit back up and running in no time.

There are a number of things that could be wrong with your refrigerator. You could try figuring out the problem yourself, but if you have food on the counter that’s waiting to be put in the fridge, you shouldn’t be using your precious time to experiment. That’s because it could take you hours to figure out what’s wrong if the problem isn’t easily solvable. Instead, call us at ProStar Appliance Service for our refrigerator repair services in Irvine, CA and we will do our utmost to fix your refrigerator promptly.

Here are some things you might like to know about refrigerators so you know when to call the experts and when to fix it yourself:

Common Problem with Refrigerator

Refrigerator does not get cold – there are many reasons why your refrigerator may not get cold. Perhaps some of them can be as simple as your plastic containers blocking the cooling vent, or it can be something as serious as a compressor or circuit board failure.

Refrigerator is leaking water on the floor – now, this is a problem that could be very alarming. Refrigerators are supposed to keep food cool and fresh. They should not be leaking water on the floor. The reason could be something as simple as a leak in one of the water containers or perhaps spilled water but it could also be the ice on the coils of your refrigerator that signals even bigger problems. Please do not play with those coils because you could damage your machine or hurt yourself.

Refrigerator is freezing your food – the freezer is for freezing and the refrigerator is for cooling. It may be a problem if your refrigerator starts freezing your food as some of them are just not meant to be frozen. Perhaps it is just the settings or it could be a broken thermostat or broken air dumper.

Whether you are dealing with refrigerator problems stated here or something else, it is still best to call ProStar Appliance Service at 949-382-0942. This way, we can tell you what is wrong and waste no time in fixing it. Call us today for professional refrigerator repair services in Irvine, CA.

We offer 10% discounts for labor and senior citizens. We also offer a 90 days warranty for parts and labor. We accept the following payment methods: Cash, Checks, and Mobile Banking/Transfers.

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