Why is so hard to get major kitchen appliances nowadays?

Kitchen AppliancesKitchen appliances nowadays are very popular, and significant appliances. The covid-19 pandemic is the main culprit behind home appliances that have become challenging to get in stock and purchase over the past two years. Moreover, if you even manage to get a new device, there is a high chance of getting the product with some significant tech downgrade because of ongoing production limitations. As a kitchen appliance repair service, we know this very well; nobody wants to purchase an appliance with lower-tech status.

According to a survey report by the National Association of Home Builders in march 2021, around 90% of U.S. building businesses got into trouble buying and getting new appliances for new homes.

If you are thinking of a kitchen renovation, you should know you may have to wait months to fill your order and then months more to deliver your appliance.

The shortages and delays affect the sales of major appliances like ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, wall ovens, and microwaves. These are some main reasons for the global shortage of home appliances.

Supply is exceeding demand.

After the covid waves, people are still spending more time at home and eating more at home than before the last two years. That means people use appliances more for cooking, laundry, and fun at home, leading machines to break down faster than before, and people want new appliances. In other cases, families want to upgrade their kitchens to have more food at home.

Since spring 2020, people haven’t spent and still are not spending much on categories like events, holidays, travel, restaurants, or even gas and commuting. Instead, some people are putting those savings into renovations and home projects.

Kitchen Appliances Transportation.

One of the primary reasons for the shortage of appliances and components is the transport delays worldwide. Though manufacturing plants are back again in the game, the supply chain is still a huge issue. As we provide Kitchen appliance repair services, we often import components, and that’s why we are aware of the world transportation problem. A part shortage from anywhere in the world will stop production entirely.

Kitchen Appliances Shortage of Semiconductor.

One more problem is that devices now need to include microchips, processors, and other high-tech pieces. The shortages of these chips are one of the root causes of appliance shortages. As “smart technology” has become the 1st priority of consumers, device manufacturers have to rely on computer chips to make stuff like smart refrigerators and smart ovens. Unfortunately, the market for these semiconductor chips is very competitive, and there are only so many chips to go around now.

Suggestions & Solution.

There are some suggestions you can follow. Of course, they won’t solve world economics or the current shortage problem, but they might help you get what you need.

Firstly, rethink the need for a brand-new appliance. If you need a new appliance to enhance your kitchen look or cooking experience, we suggest using your older one until the market situation improves.

And if the reason for getting a new appliance is that your current appliance is broken or not working correctly, then the solution is straightforward. Call us and get an appointment with our repair experts. The ProStar Appliance Service is always there to help you out.

Our experts will provide the best solution and satisfactory repair service regardless of the appliance or problem. As one of the most trusted kitchen appliance repair providers in Irvine and Orange County, CA, we assure you that we will make your appliance work like a brand-new device.

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