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Services here at ProStar Appliance Service strive for excellence in everything we do. That is why we do our utmost to ensure that our customers get the quality of service they deserve. So if you need quality appliance repair in Irvine, CA, don’t hesitate to call us, and we will see to it that any concern you might have is addressed.

Appliances make our daily lives more convenient and allow us to multitask. We are doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, washing the dishes, and disposing of trash to become more accessible and take less time. So if you come home to piles of chores and your appliances aren’t working, it will cause a lot of inconvenience for you. Luckily, we at ProStar Appliance Service are here to help you out.

Once you call us for appliance repair in Irvine, CA, we will drop by your home at your most convenient time to perform proper appliance diagnostics to figure out the problem. This is so we can do the proper repairs for your appliance. We also offer same-day repairs, and we keep our vans fully stocked with the necessary parts so we can do quick repairs. We only use genuine parts from certified manufacturers, so you don’t need to worry about quality.

Signs that you need refrigerator repair:

  • Ice is accumulating in your freezer
  • There are puddles of water under the fridge
  • Your unit is using up more energy than usual
  • The fridge is cycling more than usual
  • A hissing noise can be heard from the fridge
  • The fridge is not cooling
  • Your unit’s outer casing is sweating

Signs that you need washer repair:

  • The washer won’t turn on
  • The washer doesn’t spin or agitate
  • The washer isn’t finishing the cycle
  • Water leaks out during the spin cycle
  • The water isn’t draining
  • The washer is very noisy
  • The washer smells bad
  • The washer keeps bouncing around while working

Signs that you need dryer repair:

  • The dryer drum won’t turn
  • The heat feels weak or insufficient
  • It refuses to start
  • There are banging or popping noises
  • Squealing or grinding noises can be heard
  • It stops mid-cycle

Signs that you need dishwasher repair:

  • The dishes won’t dry
  • It isn’t cleaning the dishes properly
  • The water is not draining
  • Puddles on the floor are forming around the dishwasher
  • It won’t start
  • It won’t fill or won’t stop filling with water

Signs that you need oven repair:

  • It won’t heat up
  • It’s not baking evenly
  • Its light won’t turn on
  • The oven door won’t close or is hard to open
  • The oven fan keeps running
  • Its self-cleaning feature doesn’t work

Signs that you need range repair:

For electric ranges:

  • The electric element doesn’t heat up
  • The element doesn’t heat up to the right temperature
  • Light indicators on the electric range don’t light up
  • The ceramic plate is damaged

For gas ranges:

  • The gas burner won’t ignite
  • The fire dies out shortly after ignition
  • Uneven flame
  • The channel burners are clogged

Signs that you need freezer repair:

  • The freezer is not working
  • The freezer is making strange noises
  • There is frost in the freezer
  • Water is leaking on the floor next to the freezer
  • There is a sheet of ice on the bottom of the freezer
  • The freezer is too warm

Signs that you need ice maker repair:

  • It isn’t working
  • It’s leaking water
  • It’s not making ice
  • It’s making weird sounds
  • The ice cubes smell weird
  • It is frozen over
  • It’s too slow

Signs that you need cooktop repair:

  • It doesn’t turn on
  • It has damaged electric coils
  • The coils won’t heat up
  • There are problems with adjusting the burner temperature
  • There are sparks when the cooktop is turned on

Signs that you need microwave repair:

  • It’s not cooking food properly
  • The tray isn’t turning
  • It starts and then stops
  • The timer won’t show on the display
  • The microwave sparks while cooking
  • The keypad isn’t working properly
  • The timer can’t be set
  • It does not work when you press start

Signs that you need garbage disposal repair:

  • It won’t turn on
  • It is clogged
  • It is leaking
  • It keeps getting jammed


Doing DIY repair is bound to make the problems worse rather than fix them. Here are just some of the problems you may encounter when you decide to do things yourself:

  • You might misdiagnose the problem and do the wrong repairs.
  • You might not install some parts the right way which means you will be wasting it and the money you spent.
  • You may get confused while repairing and leave out some crucial steps.
  • You might end up getting electrocuted or causing a fire to start.

With all the risks involved, would you still prefer doing the repair yourself or calling a licensed professional to do it instead?


Experience – We have more than 25 years of experience repairing different kinds of all major appliances regardless of the brand.

Certified – We are licensed and certified professionals who are also properly insured. This means you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong when you hire us.

Trustworthy – Throughout our years of service, we have repaired countless appliances for countless customers. All of them are satisfied by our work as can be seen by the numerous good reviews we receive.

Convenient – We take your preferences into account. That is why we only drop by at your most convenient time whether you ask for same-day repairs or not. We also keep our vans fully stocked with genuine parts so we can finish the job on the same day.

You can also expect the following from us:

  • We provide prompt and reliable appliance repair at affordable prices.
  • We provide expert appliance diagnostic and repairs for all major makes and models.
  • We provide proper training and education to all of our technicians.
  • We provide a 90-day warranty on parts and labor.
  • We provide a 10% discount on labor for first-time clients.

If you ever need home appliance repair services in Irvine, CA, don’t hesitate to call us at ProStar Appliance Service. You may call us at 949-382-0942 or send us an email at prostarappliance@gmail.com. You may also use the form provided on our Contact Page.