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Home-made meals are the best way to bring family and friends together. And when it comes to cooking in the home, a kitchen oven or range are the core elements of an enjoyable cooking experience. The range is the prime element of a modern kitchen. It is not only a convenient appliance, but also it makes your kitchen look elegant. But when the range breaks down, it becomes very frustrating and inconvenient. But you don’t need to worry at all; we at ProStar Appliance Service are always prepared to help you out with range repair service.

Our trained range repair technicians have extensive knowledge of the range. So we can provide solutions to every single problem. We repair all types of cooking ranges, and our service is, and we have been providing repair services for many years. That’s why we are confident about our service, and when it comes to quality of service, the reputation of our company in orange county ca is enough to explain.

Some common issues of cooking range that we fix.:


Surface Burner doesn’t Light.

It is a pervasive gas range problem. This problem could be happening because pilot lights have been extinguished or the burner portholes are clogged or damaged. Call our technicians to get your surface burner fixed.

Weak Burner Flame

If you see the flame of your range is not as much as it was, it could be because the burner flame opening is clogged or the gas line can’t flow enough gas through. Get an appointment today with our technicians if you suspect such a problem.

Noisy Surface Burner Flame

A noisy flame on a range means too much air or too much gas getting to the burner. This problem can be adjusted by fixing the air shutter. Leave this to our engineers to determine the amount of gas released.


Electric Coils Won’t Heat

Sometimes the cooktop receives power, but the coils won’t heat. Usually, this issue occurs if there is a loose connection between the cooktop and the coils. There could also be a problem in the range’s internal ignition switch that delivers the exertion needed to heat burners. Again, it will be wise to enlist assistance from ProStar Appliance Service’s factory-certified appliance repair experts.

Cannot Adjust the Temperature of Burners

The most convenient feature of an electric range is they provide precise temperature settings. But, unfortunately, sometimes the temperature control doesn’t work correctly. This problem occurs if there is an issue in the unit’s infinite switch. This switch is attached to the dial, which controls the power level. And if the switch doesn’t work properly, it will force the burner to heat to a certain level regardless of your preferred settings.

Another cause of this problem could be a defective internal ignition switch. Again, you should contact our repair professional to handle this issue.

Cooktop Creates Sparks When Turned On

If you see a spark in your electric range, it means the heating element is damaged. Excessive temperature or weight is the reason for the damage of this component, which causes hazardous sparks. This can also happen if the wire connection is loose around electric coil burners. These sparks are hazardous; you should immediately call us to resolve this issue quickly.

Some other problems with ranges.

  • Electric Range Won’t Turn On
  • Indicator Lights Won’t Turn On
  • Damaged Electric Coils
  • Noisy Burners
  • Low Flame
  • Unnecessary Clicking of Igniter

No matter whatever the problem, the expert repair engineer of our company will quickly provide the solution. For assistance with all of your electric or gas range repair needs, feel free to contact our professional range repair service. Our experts will meet your maintenance needs in no time.

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