Oven Repair Services in Irvine and Orange County, CA

We provide oven repair service in Irvine and Orange County

Oven RepairEveryone loves ovens for their versatility and convenience. It’s a ubiquitous appliance; almost every household in the U.S. has an oven in its kitchen. And the oven is probably one of the most used kitchen appliances – we usually use it for cooking and heating food, so the oven plays a vital role. And when it breaks down, it puts everything on pause, and you get in so much trouble preparing your family meal. Therefore, oven repair services are essential for you when it breaks down.


We at ProStar Appliance Service are here to help you with the repair. Being one of the leading appliance repair companies in Orange County, CA, means our technicians have extensive knowledge of ovens. So, you can rest assured that we will provide the best service possible at a very minimal cost.

Call us without hesitating to book an appointment so we can instantaneously repair your appliance.

90% of the time, we fix the oven on the first visit, and 99% of the time, we visit our same-day appointments so that you can get us quickly whenever you need us.

We have thousands of lines of replacement oven parts at our warehouse.

Our technicians are always ready with many spare parts in the van for quick and efficient repair on-site. And if any of the components are not there, we can easily collect them either by sourcing them from a local supplier or getting the item shipped from the replacement parts manufacturer.

We have direct contact with many leading manufacturers that allow us to give you the best price of replacement parts by cutting off the middle man.

Is your oven

  • Performing imperfectly?
  • Not heating satisfactorily?
  • Producing uneven gas flow?
  • Failing to ignite?
  • Cooking unevenly?

Whatever the problem is, our experts will solve the issue and make your oven work again. Feel free to call us. Our microwave oven engineers are just a call away.

There is a list of different types of ovens we can assist you with.

  • Gas ovens
  • Electric Oven
  • Single/double ovens
  • Steam Oven
  • Integrated/freestanding ovens
  • Freestanding/ Wall-mounted Oven
  • Drop-in/ Slide-in Oven etc.

Why choose us for your oven repair in Orange County, CA,

Expert diagnostics and repairs

Our oven engineers will make a complete diagnosis of your oven before they start repairing it. Our expert technicians always use brand-specific original spare parts for your satisfaction. And our technicians carry a variety of common replacement parts so that they can install them instantly if needed.

Fixing any make and model of cooking appliances

The oven repair engineers of ProStar Appliance Service have years of experience, so they are able to repair any kind of issues with any electric or gas oven or cooker.

Receive maintenance advice tailored to your needs

Modern kitchen appliances are all about comfort and convenience, and our day-to-day lives have become dependent on them. But things can get screwed up very quickly when the appliance’s delicate parts or sensors Start breaking. Our expert appliance repair engineers are always there to provide advice on maintaining your devices properly to extend their lifespan.

So, If your oven gives you trouble, don’t pull it up or risk it getting worse. Contact us to schedule your oven repair appointment.


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